About us


Our chapter started in 2012 


We are the Wisconsin Chapter of interNACHI the Largest Home Inspection Association in the United States. 


We are the most active chapter within NACHI 


Southeastern Wisconsin NACHI (SEWNACHI) holds

monthly meetings


Two all day seminars every year


(Spring and Fall) 


As a chapter member you are invited to Chapter Only Events

You will find the latest information...

Chapter Leadership

Michael Schwitzer

I am the chapter president and take pride in helping other inspectors. If you have any concerns lets me know.

Kris Schoonover

Kris is our membership director, takes your money and happy to do so.  He can answer any questions about becoming a chapter member and what we do.

Donn Anderson

Donn is our video professional. We are recording our meetings for others to watch and for all of us to refer back to.  He is one of the most well versed inspectors that I know..

Industry Professionals

Scot Mclean

Scot has been a home inspector for a long time and an expert in older homes.  Homes that were home built in the early 1900's.  His wealth of knowledge is very impressive.

Aaron Zuehlke

Aaron is very knowledgable in all areas of inspecting.  He has many added services that he offers and is not afraid to try new services.

Thomas Kennedy

Tom also a very seasoned inspector has the background that we all can learn from.  Knowledge is something that takes time and he has earned the reputation of being an expert.

Our chapter membership is willing to share information and help inspectors become better professionals. 


The more knowledge you have as a home inspector

the better the information you client will receive