Topic Specific Experts

We reseach the companies we have come in to speak to us at our monthly meetings as well as our all day seminars.  As part of that research we look to expand on our knowledge base.  For all of us, learning more about what we do or expand in to different areas will not only help us grow and be better inspectors but allow us to go verticle in other areas and offer more servic.

You will find the latest information...

Company Profiles

Milestone Plumbing

Jessie and her team is all about doing the right thing.  She works very hard to make sure that it is about the people just as much as the job itself.

Guthrie & Frey

Craig is a wealth of knowledge with anything water.  This company is here to help and if they dont find anything it is not a problem.


Overhead Door

Kris is very healpful and easy to work with.  Having a business model where they do not mark up the cost of items but just charge for labor is very refreshing to see.

Bontempo Plumbing

Chris is very helpful and wants to make sure the customer is happy.  Knowing that they treat you right is what everyone expects and they deliver.

Midwest Water Heater

Brian is the goto guy for water heaters.  He speciailizes in this as a Master Plumber because he saw a need that was not being met.  He is a great resource for information and is very helpful.

BBB Wisconsin

Becoming a BBB member can be a very good thing to do.  Not only do they help you with marketing your business they are a great resource for learning.  Become a member today!

CK Electric

Dale is a Master Electrician who have extensive experience in the field.  From the typical service upgrade, retofit to new construction he has done it all.

6 Degrees Soclal

Dan is an expert in Social media marketing and developing the need for his companies services throught any industry.

Iron Fireman

Patrick is an owner who values the relationship with the customer.  His goal is to build a relationship and not just make a sale.

Restoration One

Dave's willingness to help solve mold problems in our customers homes is very important to the situation but the health of everyone who lives there as well.

Wisconsin Concrete Coatings

LuAnn is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to coating your garage floor.  She is well versed in the products on the market, what works and what does not.

A1 Garage Door

Mike has trained inspectors on proper techniques for testing garage doors and the componets that tend to fail.  He is a good resource for technical information as well.

The companies listed have presented at our meetings and provided information so that we as home inspectors can gain industry knowledge, trends and services available. This information is not a recommendation for services.  You need to make your own decisions.

Our chapter members share information and help inspectors become better professionals. 

The more knowledge your inspector knows the better the information you will receive.